"... She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs; But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears ..."

Monday, 31 October 2011

The Ghostly Garden

I am on my way to Pythouse walled garden and decide to call in at Sprout & Flower to see my friend Sarah and to buy some pumpkins.
Sarah - who I have always secretly thought was a white witch - has her broom parked outside the shop in between the pumpkins and the crate of heather.
She tells me business is good. And whilst I am there the shop is buzzing with customers looking for fruit and veg and fresh bread.
At Pythouse garden they are busy getting ready for a Halloween party.
Most of the pumpkins have now been decorated or Matt the chef has got his hands on them for a big batch of pumpkin soup.
There may not be many pumpkins left to buy but there are splashes of autumnal orange all around the garden.
And in the potting shed there are loops of Halloween streamers,
and ghoulish ghostly faces.
Perhaps my favourite though are the Halloween cup-cakes.
Not to be outdone we head home with our pumpkins,
although I have to admit I think 8 year old Elena, who is staying with us, makes a better job of it than I could have done!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Autumn Light

Autumn is definitely here. You can smell it in the sharpness of the late afternoon air.
Nothing compares to October afternoons when the sun starts to dip, shedding a radiant golden light across the garden.
The shadows lengthen
and the earthy browns turn to bronze and gold.
In the garden shop the colours of the gourds and tomatoes take on a luminous light
and outside on the tables the pinks, golds and purples of the floral china appear in startling clarity.
After a wander around the garden I return inside. I have the best of both worlds; the sunshine streaming on to the slate floor at my feet and the wood burning stove warming my back.
Plus time for tea and chat.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mothers & Daughters

I am running a workshop at Pythouse Walled Garden for mother and daughter - Ursula and Esther.
We are in the cool of the Potting Shed with a breeze coming in the open door, as the sun beats down on the garden outside.
It is time for autumnal colours. But with the weather this warm and wonderful, I have chosen bright seasonal shades - like this Cherry Brandy rose.
Esther is a natural!
On a day like today, everywhere you look the colours seem to sing out.
In the garden the parasols are bright buttons of colour.
With the piles of pumpkins adding an extra glow of glorious orange.When Ursula and Esther finish their workshop they sit in the sunshine with their family sampling Pythouse Garden cakes.
All around I can see mothers and daughters playing in the sunshine. And I do miss my daughters so.
Alex is currently in Australia, so is a long long way away. However I did get to lie in the sun with Libby in Hyde Park earlier in the week.
So I have to add some photos of her to make this mum feel better!