"... She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs; But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears ..."

Monday, 26 September 2011

Cider with Rosie ...and Eddie

Or rather, lunch with Merle (Pea & Mint Soup followed by Apple Brownies). It seems at Pythouse they are ready to make the most of their surplus apples.
Whenever I see an apple press I can't help thinking of the Grundies.
(Archer's fans will be with me on this one)
I started listening to the Archers in my twenties when I used to drive home from my job in advertising in Paddington to my flat in Clapham, just around about 7pm each evening. (I wouldn't like you to think I was working that hard, it was just in the 80s you always went to the pub after work for a drink before heading home - think Mad Men with shoulder pads and a lot less style!)
I found the Archers became addictive - maybe a complete antidote to the craziness of the advertising industry I worked in.
But whatever it was it stuck - despite the raised eyebrows of my children and friends.
(And hasn't Joe Grundy done well since then - 90 not out! )

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Rain Will Not Stop Play

At the bottom of the orchard, past the beds of late summer fruits and leaks, the marquee is ready and waiting for the wedding guests.
The weather may be gloomy but it is certainly not going to spoil the preparations or the celebrations.
The lanterns are lit and Ted Martin Flowers has been busy decorating the tables.
Bunting hangs between topiary trees
I love the place names on ivy leaves (and so simple to do).
Dotted along the tables are Ted's signature bunches of flowers and herbs.
Snapdragons, roses and veronica are mixed with sage, rosemary and mint.
Rosemary is also used to decorate the table names.
The glasses and wine are ready - now we just need the guests.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Break out the Bunting - It's a Boy!

As I drive to Pythouse I nearly crash as I spot a sign by the road near to Mitch's wife, Clementines' shop. On the chalk board are the words "It's a Boy!"
On Tuesday Clementine gave birth to Orlando, a brother for Joshua - and Dad delivered the baby. Mitch and Clementine had always planned a home birth but hoped that would include a midwife! As it turned out Mitch delivered his son just as the midwife came through the door.
As I chat to Mitch and congratulate him, my daughter Libby is distracted by the colour your own bunting.
She asks rather wistfully, "Is nineteen too old to be colouring in bunting?"
Absolutely not!

Monday, 5 September 2011

In Praise of Beetroot, Apple & Honey Soup

I will come to the soup, but first, a wander around the garden.
The apples are ripe, the cabbages and leaks are going crazy, the celery is perfect and the sweetcorn is very nearly there.
In the flower beds it is the time of the dahlia. And the sweet peas just go on and on.
It seems I am not the only one taking photographs of the flowers.
Flowers seem to be the order of the day and I spot garden designer Robert out picking Cosmos.
Robert runs his garden design business from the plant nursery he has set up at Pythouse and he is now the proud owner of a Shepherd's hut ...or rather an office - complete with wood burning stove.
It took a crane to deliver the hut into the garden - with gardener Heather telling all those around to mind the cabbages.
The rain is just starting to fall as we head inside for lunch.
More flowers - this time some arrangements from Ted Martin Flowers in Tisbury (spotted them at 20 paces!) that are left over from a weekend party.
In amongst the shortbread and cakes, the dahlias make another colourful appearance.
Now, when it is time for that soup, what can I say?
Simply heavenly.