"... She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs; But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears ..."

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Flowers for Flora & Blossom for Blossom

Now that is a sight you don't see everyday. Weaving through the country lanes near to Pythouse is a big red London bus.
It is taking guests to Flora and Charlie's wedding at St John's in the village of Tisbury. Later, guests will climb aboard to wind their way to the Garden for the wedding celebrations.
Earlier in the day I had popped into Ted Martin Flowers to get a glimpse of Flora's wedding bouquet. It was having a drink of water next to a box of tissue-wrapped rose buttonholes.
A heavenly mix of roses and daisies.
As the bride arrives at the church I spot the bridesmaid, daisies in her hair, carrying the bouquet for her mum.
Then it is a quick pause for a photo, and Flora, her children and her friends all enter the church.
I on the other hand, head up to the Garden to see how Mitch and his team are getting on.
All is ready and waiting and Mitch and his staff are catching a few moments in the sunshine to grab something to eat.
The Champagne glasses are lined up in the orchard.
And the bunting is hung under the awning.
The posies for the tables are displayed in simple tin cans and were delivered from Ted's flower shop yesterday.
I catch the heady scent of hyacinths and stock as I wander between the tables with my camera.
Every place setting is different, and the mixed colours of the vintage china give the tables an eccentric old English feel.
I fall in love with these exotic, turquoise and raspberry birds perched on golden branches.
Say Yes
I Love You
Kiss Me
Lucky Lips
Mitch tells me that Charlie's nickname for Flora is 'Blossom', so he is delighted that the blossom growing on the trees up the side of the Potting Shed has decided to come out in her honour.
Mitch explains that Heather, the gardener, has to help the blossom pollinate as few bees make their way under the awning.
Heather does this by going from flower to flower with a paint brush.
(Mitch is convinced she should buzz as she does this!)
I take one last look around at the place settings, the garden, the glasses and the cake.
You may wonder why I am not waiting to photograph such a beautiful bride in this glorious setting. Well the problem is, England are playing Ireland in the rugby and in my Anglo-Irish household that is sacrosanct!


  1. Oh I want to get married again and have a gorgeous reception like that, I'd be in heaven love the cake aswell, Lucey xx

  2. I to love it all, the cake is just great. Will enjoy this blog like I do your other blog.I would love you to do a wedding book sometime.Lesley x