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Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Spot of Cooking

It may be rainy but I am having a great day. We have guests coming for supper so we are taking time to meander around some of our favourite places to collect the ingredients.
We have been to Shaftesbury to buy a frying pan, Tisbury for the butcher and some flowers from Ted Martin Flowers and we have even had time for a pint at The Beckford Arms, before we head to Pythouse for the vegetables, fruit and cheese.
First I get side-tracked by the sweet peas ... maybe I need some of these too.
As we are looking at the vegetables we bump into manager, Mitch. He is delighted as he has just found out The Beckford Arms want him to supply their vegetables. An arrangement that I imagine will keep everybody happy - and Heather even busier.
Mitch invites us to stop for coffee and cake, but we have cooking to do so have to go on (although he does send the cake home with us!)
We are having beef cooked to an old Elizabeth David recipe with port, Guinness and red wine vinegar - sounds good to me.
My husband is in charge of the main course and I am doing the pudding - pears poached in rose wine with Pythouse gooseberry ice cream.
(I was going to photograph the finished result, but you know how it is ...the wine ..the company - I forgot to pick up my camera!)

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